Case 1: Production to Scale

Affordably scale production from the first order to +100,000 orders, without the immense cost and risk associated with traditional manufacturing methods such as injection molding.

Case 2: Where's my stuff?

More than 50 million online orders never reach customers due to failed delivery attempts, costing U.S. companies half a billion dollars in lost revenues each year. Maestro is a fully transparent and "trust-less" system that leverages the design of blockchain networks to show buyers, sellers, suppliers, and distributors what is happening under the hood, from the time an order is placed until it lands in the customer's hands.

Case 3: Pandemics

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) global pandemic has led to breaks in critical supply chains and severely disrupted the manufacturing industry worldwide. Maestro is a distributed manufacturing platform that gives supply chains versatility and resilience to major changes in supply & demand through a fail-proof network of more than 30,000 independent computer nodes around the world. Maestro is built for mission critical applications where downtime is not an option.